The Making of Swan Lake

I love The Arts so! Dance, music, art – you name it – I am moved. And creating high quality videos for The Arts is a specialty of mine. I have been shooting and editing dance videos for quite a long time, and it is a personal love of mine.

I recently won and ‘Editor’s Choice’ award from Pointe Magazine for my video ‘Portrait of a Pre-Professional Dancer’. It will be highlighted in an upcoming issue of the magazine. You can view it here, or at

I’ve done short documentaries, fun photo shoot pieces, and promotional videos for dance studios and dance companies.

Here’s the short documentary, ‘The Making of Swan Lake’ highlighting Atlanta Dance Theatre and their pre-professional dance company as they go through the arduous task of setting and rehearsing the beloved classical ballet, with choreographer Kristy Nilsson.

Please contact us at to find out how we can give movement to your studio or company!

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