Leslie Aron

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Leslie Aron, and I’m a television broadcast veteran with over twenty years professional broadcast production experience. I’ve worked in Miami at WSVN, and WTVJ, in news and post-production. I spent my time creating daily news promos, posting television shows, and editing special projects.

I won an Emmy for my production work on the half hour TV special, ‘Family Aids Quiz’. In 1997, I moved to Atlanta, and was under contract with Coca-Cola, NBC News, CNN, and The Weather Channel.

In 2001, I accepted a full time Senior Editor position with NewsProNet Video, doing just about everything to keep up with the hectic pace of creating 36 high-end graphically produced news pieces a month, including a Spanish language news feed. Eventually, I was promoted to Broadcast Production Manager.

In 2009, the company downsized and moved to Miami. Anxious to take on Atlanta once again, I went back to freelancing, and I now create great web videos and TV commercials for businesses wherever they may be! I’ve done this for a long time, and I have a natural ability to create no nonsense, polished content that showcases whatever the need.

I believe quality video is a necessity for any web site or any job. Hopefully, the next project will be yours!

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